Customized Pick and Pack Services for the USA

Any business with an eCommerce warehousing component knows it: Pick and pack services can be the bane of your business. It is expensive, tedious, requires extensive attention to detail, and isn’t in your area. After all, you got into your line of work based on your passion for a particular good, not because you were excited about warehousing or shipping.

There’s good news for you. At The Other Bazaar, we offer extensive and intensive pick and pack services, giving you the ability to use our services to manage the shipping component of your eCommerce warehousing.
Here’s a look at all that we have to offer.

Warehouse Management
Warehouse management can be dangerous and expensive. If you don’t have the right expertise and don’t manage this service right, it can cost you customers and untold amounts of money.

Here’s the good news: We offer 4PL warehouse management services that can help you domestically or internationally. We can completely construct and maintain your supply chain, and you can use an off-the-shelf or customized system that will enable you to sell your products, while we pick and pack them.

Our solutions are specifically designed for eCommerce warehousing and warehousing in general. We can work with you to handle all your shipping needs, no matter where you are trying to get goods or what goods you are moving. We work with you to determine your needs, and then implement a system that works for you. As part of that system, we constantly evaluate what works, what doesn’t, and where changes need to be made. Your business is involved every step of the way and regularly provided with reports about how we’re performing. Given the diverse array of businesses we work with, we guarantee that we can create something that works for you.

Inventory Management
Warehousing and pick and pack usually isn’t enough. You’ll also need comprehensive and robust inventory management. Fortunately, we can help you there. Our inventory management system is state of the art and completely integrates with your systems to ensure you have adequate control and tracking in place. For example, we can show you exactly how much of a particular good you have, how much more you will likely need, and how soon you will need it.

As part of our supply chain management, we can learn your business needs, appropriately manage inventory-related projects, and implement custom solutions for your business.

Pick and Pack
When it comes to eCommerce and shipping, few items are as tedious as picking and packing. There’s a reason that companies like Amazon and other eCommerce giants have spent tens of millions of dollars on this area of the economy: Creating an efficient pick and pack system can save tons of money, speed up the flow of goods, and make your company significantly more efficient.

Of course, your job in business is likely not explicitly geared around such a tedious and detail-oriented task. That’s where we come in. At The Other Bazaar, we offer robust pick and pack services that can seamlessly integrate with the other services, including warehouse management, inventory management, and shipping. In addition, we build the system, train the workers, and ensure quality control throughout the entire process. All these services mean we’re the ones who design an efficient system and can save you money when picking and packing goods for shipments. By working on all these areas, we can optimize the entire fulfillment process and make sure your goods are arriving in your customer’s hands as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

All of our systems — from warehousing to pick and pack — are designed to seamlessly integrate with shipping anywhere in the country. We will find the good, pack them appropriately, and make sure it reaches their destination. We can create custom solutions and have bulk shipment rates from all carriers. Work with us, and we’ll be responsible for managing all aspects of the shipping, even returns.

Need to (literally) ship things? We can help. Our warehouse is located in Baltimore, just 54 miles from the port. Thanks to our proximity to the port, you have easy access to anywhere you need to reach via the Atlantic Ocean.

As you can see, at The Other Bazaar, we have it all: Everything you want to help manage your pick and pack, eCommerce warehousing, and shipping needs. Want more information? Visit our website to check out our services, or contact us to request a consultation.

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