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Britannia Biscuits USA

One of the most iconic global companies with roots in India, is establishing its online sales channel in the USA and we are working with them to make this happen. We built their Marketplace strategy to sell on Amazon and offer a complete range of products to its diversified customers in the USA and Canada. We have established their footprint on Amazon USA and strategize their ecommerce USA go to market roadmap.

Selling to Every American

Britannia sees a huge potential to serve the South Asian community living in North America and introduce their unique and iconic products to mainstream customers. This is what we call discovery by a customer which would otherwise be impossible to achieve though the traditional channel.

Online Enables Complete Range Availability

Online channels offer an infinite product selling opportunity unlike the traditional channel. This results in discovery of products which would otherwise not find space on the shelves. Range selling is key and online channels help in achieving this. Our strategy ensure complete range is on display and available for trial.

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