Fastening House Atlantic

Enabling a traditional construction industry based Business to Business company into adopting an online sales strategy consisted of training the management team and changing the ways of doing business. The product details, descriptions, ability to search by size, SKU number, manufacturer etc. involved a lot of pre-work. We were able to develop a direct to customer web portal which initially has over 30,000 products available for online purchase. This was launched and won applause from key business partners like Milwaukee.

Building Online Sales Channels

Online sales channel evolve over a period of time and we help customer navigate this evolution journey, without losing sales. We work on a hybrid online strategy also which enables growth in traditional channels as online channels are established. The customer as the option of getting it delivered or picking it up, facilitating the traditional channel too.

Business to Business Channel has huge promise on Online

Business to Business eCommerce brings in efficiencies in procurement process for businesses and ensure price comparisons and easy search for key items required urgently. It is one of the fastest growing ecommerce channels currently.

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