The Amazon Shop in Shop is a service that enables shoppers to browse and purchase products from an individual retailer through the world’s largest online store.

Complete with your own branding, the Shop in Shop is one of the Amazon marketplace services that will help your business grow – backed by the marketing machine that is Amazon, once you set up an Amazon shop, there’s a fantastic opportunity for growth.

However, you must ensure that you configure everything correctly to ensure that all runs smoothly. Our Amazon management services will help you get you setup the right way.

Following on from our Amazon store setup service, we’ll create Amazon listing that help you sell – and when the time comes to advertise your store, we’re fully adept at Amazon PPC management.

If you already have your own store or an eCommerce website of your own, this service can use your content along with your branding, expanding your reach – and it could be a great boost to sales.

Amazon Marketplace Services

We’ll manage every aspect of your Amazon Shop in Shop to get the most out of the platform.


The key to success is to set up an Amazon shop correctly from the very start. Our skill and experience allows us to create a successful eCommerce store.


Your store is nothing without products, so we create Amazon listings that can be easily discovered by your customers.


Enhance brand recognition with a fully branded storefront and product listings.


Ready to advertise? We’ll manage your PPC ads to get real value for money.

What to look for in Amazon Marketplace Management

If you’re not experienced in Amazon marketplace management, you may not know what to look for when choosing a partner to co-innovate with. As with any partnership, there are qualities you should look out for.

An understanding of your business needs.

Every business is different, and whether we create an Amazon listing for you, or we’re engaged for a range of Amazon management services, we’ll tailor our offering to your requirements. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so we take the time to understand your business.

Careful project management.

Your business has goals and budgets, and we aim to meet both. We manage every project to ensure progress is made and budgets are always respected.

A wide range of skills.

By combining a broad range of skills, we can develop solutions for businesses that drive results. Amazon Marketplace management isn’t just about understanding Amazon itself – it combines with a need for branding, keyword research, digital marketing strategy, and much more.

Our Amazon Marketplace services process

While we customize our services to your needs, we always establish your requirements before commencing with an SEO digital marketing strategy.

  • Discovery:We gather information and assess your goals and requirements
  • Planning:We research & create a digital marketing strategy to meet your needs
  • Creation:Branding, design & development, and content creation
  • Implementation:We execute the strategy and set up Amazon shops, listings, etc.
  • Evaluation:To ensure results, we monitor and adapt as needed

Our Portfolio

Discover the successes our collaborative partnerships have facilitated. Businesses trust us to create strategies that work at every level.

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